At the north exit from Tusnad Spa, we can reach an attraction called “mushroom” which is “wetted” by the Red Water, a brook from the hillside. After approx. 1 km towards Miercurea Ciuc, the road departs to the right and we continue on a forest road guarded by poplars. The road is called the Vârghiş forest road. After approx. 2 km the road crosses the stream valley, and after 750-800 m, to the left, starts the Big Haram forest road, which climbs to the Red Water valley. From the bifurcation to the right, the path marked with a yellow triangle, after 250 m reaches a small glade. The route ascends to the left in a wet forest on the western slope of the Mohoș Peak towards the Grass-Haram. After 15 minutes of walking we can reach an elongated glade and after another 15-minute walk through the forest, another glade arises. The pine forest leaves room for the beech and both right and left there are a number of trails. We climb up on the marked path to the saddle between the Mohoș Peak and the Big Haram, where the trail descends along the Mohoș Peat Bog, where it connects with the route marked with the red dot. From this point the St. Anne chalet is at 1.5 km distance. The trail passes the Mohoș Peat Bog, then crosses the Mohoș meadow and ends at the Lake Saint Anne.


From the north exist of Tusnad Spa.


Vârghiş Stream (700 m) – Mohos Meadow (1120 m)- Saint Anne chalet(1065 m)
Marking: yellow triangle
Duration: upwards 2 h, downwards 1 1/2 h
Level difference: 420 m
Length: 5.5 km

Recommended route in all seasons, for all ages