Horseriding for beginners and advanced

Through the programs for interested beginners first they can make friends with docile and friendly horses and then, in the riding hall with the help of professional trainer they can discover the unique sensation of riding. The land on which the club activates is surrounded by mountains, hills, fields and pastures, it is an “oasis” stretched over several hectares of grassland, with outside and inside riding stables. In this idyllic landscape horse lovers are greeted by members of the Kavalliera Equestrian Club. The riding school offers complete services for children of 6 years and for the champions too.

This considers essential the following principles: determination, willpower, perseverance and kindness and professionalism of the instructors. The following protective equipment is secured: helmet and protective vest. Pants and shoes must be brought by the participants.

Equestrian Club Kavalliera Cotormani no. 520, (Between Sâncrăieni and Sânmartin localities).

GPS coordinate: 46°17’59.5″N 25°54’30.9″E
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Phone:  +40 749 330 754  | Web: