Set of criteria (procedure) to include business in the local network that will support the development demarche of the Băile Tușnad and surroundings ecotourism destination as a partner:

Reception structures with accommodation functions (hotels / pensions / villas / guest houses…)
• certified for good practices in ecotourism through “Eco-România” Ecotourism Certification System
• can demonstrate at least three good practices of ecotourism on the following segments: sustainable management of natural resources necessary for carrying out business and waste, interior and exterior design in a traditional style or with natural elements and colors, the use of local food products
• contributes to monitoring of tourism within the destination

Reception structures with alimentation structures (restaurant / inn…)
• promotes local gastronomy and local ingredients are used For tour operators and local guides
• has a policy of environmentally responsible business and tourist offer which is compatible with the principles of ecotourism which can be demonstrated concretely
• is located and operates in the destination or offers at least one tourism product in the destination

For local manufacturers
• offers ecologically certified products
• uses local ingredients