About the lake
Part of Mohos Peat Bog – Lake Saint Anne Natura 2000 site (ROSCI0248), which includes two natural reserves: Mohos Peat Bog and Lake Saint Anne.
Lake Saint Anne is the only volcanic lake preserved integer in southeastern Europe. Formed in one of the twin craters of Big Ciomad, which is part of Ciomad Mountains, the lake is at an altitude of 950 m above sea level. A circle-shaped lake covers an area of 22 hectares, with a circumference of 1737 meters and an average depth of 4 m. The lake has no spring and the addition of water of the lake is obtained from the snow of the mountains surrounding it, which melts in spring and from rainwater. The lake is separated from the peat bog only by a narrow ridge.
Near the lake is St. Anne Chapel where a pilgrimage is organized annually for day of Saint Ana, which is attended by numerous faithful Catholics.


About the route
Personal experiences by Loic Mary (French volunteer) and his enthusiastic group:
It is a very beautiful hike in the forest. I recommend starting the route around 9 or 10 AM. This way you can take a good rest near the lake, eat some kürtőskalács and maybe visit the Mohos Peat Bog.
– the starting point is in Băile Tușnad. You will quit the town by one of the main streets next to the Mikes and Apor mineral water springs. You can taste these springs or fill your water bottle. Continue the way and enter in the forest, which is a coniferous forest. Firstly, the route will be flat or slightly upward. But after that a harder ascending will follow, which is a little bit complicated. Some parts will be very steep. The way is characteristic because it will look like a snake (with a lot of curves).
– You will be on the top of this route when you meet a table next to the road and one directional panel. At this point you can take a rest and continue to the right side. Now, you’ll go down until the lake. The way is very straight. Before the lake you’ll exit the forest and discover a big pasture. On this point you’ll see buildings and a parking. This is where you can access by car from Bixad village. The footway continues following the forest at the right side.
– continue until the asphalt road. At this point you can join the houses and speak with the ranger for a visit to the Mohos Peat Bog (starts every 30 minutes). If you don’t want, you can follow the asphalt road for a few meters. When you see a small road on the right side you can take it. This way is shorter, leads to the lake and is also more beautiful than the asphalt road. You will also cross 2 times the asphalt road. This short road is also better because you will discover the lake trough a beautiful route in the forest.
– when you will be near the lake, on the right it is a little chapel. At this point you can enjoy the area, go on the left and visit some little shops (kürtőskalács, drinks and so on). You can also take the time for walk around the lake for discovering this natural area by all of its interesting points.
– for the way back you can take the same way or come back in the direction of Ciuc Abroad Inn/Carpitus village. To find the starting point for the way back, you should go straight, with the lake on your left. Continue like this around the lake and at one point you will see a directional panel with a very visible mark. From here you should go to the right, upwards. Welcome again in the forest! You will go upwards a bit but is not that long. On the top, will be another directional panel. At this point marks will be not very visible. Take the left side and after a few meters, you’ll find again the marks.
– after this, the road will be very simple. Continue to follow the marks and you will go down first slightly and then more intense. Step by step, you will arrive to the Ciuc Abroad Inn/Carpitus village. At one point you can see Piatra Șoimilor peak next to Bixad village for your next hike!
– when you arrive to the Ciuc Abroad Inn, you should cross the main asphalt road which goes to Băile Tușnad. Take care, if you have children or animals, regroup those around your and cross as quick as possible (the crossing is in front of a curve). You will go down on a dirt road and you will find mineral water spring. Take your time to drink this water and continue northwards, in the direction of the old dam. Cross the dam and continue this unique road along the Olt River. To reenter the town you will cross a suspended wooden bridge. Just after the bridge go left and follow the way. The way will lead you around a building and join an asphalt road. You’ll go up a bit but don’t worry you are in the finish line! Just go straight to the main road and you will notice the place from where you started your trail in the morning.
Complexity: 3/5
Beauty: 3/3
Feedback from the group:
“It’s medium level because when we did the way, there were a lot of trees in our way. But the lake is wonderful and there is a lot of space to have a lunch break.”
“It had a steep climb, but after that it was really easy, and the view was gorgeous! Especially at the lake it was nice to take a break and enjoy the view. It was a wonderful day and I really want to go there again one day.”
“Medium hike but was a beautiful view. Saint Anne Lake is absolutely gorgeous, a must see.”
Lake Saint Anne is at a distance of 55 km from Miercurea Ciuc, 48 km from of Sfântu Gheorghe and 33 km from Târgu Secuiesc. The lake can be reached from DN12 (Miercurea Ciuc – Sfântu Gheorghe) from the intersection with County Road 113 in Bixad village and from Târgu Secuiesc, from the direction of Turia on the DN113 road.

Băile Tușnad/near the Tușnad Hotel (700 m) – Lake Saint Anne (946 m) – Carpitus (620 m) – Băile Tușnad/near the Tușnad Hotel (700 m) – hiking route:
red cross to the top of the volcanic cone; blue cross to the Lake and Carpitus.
Duration to the lake: 3 hours (2 hours of walking, 30 minutes of resting). Time spent there: depends on the tourist/group, up to a few hours. Duration back to the town: 1-1.5 hours.
Length: 16.6 km from start to finish.
Level difference: max. 650 m.
Grade: 12.9% to the top; -5% to the lake; -4% back.

Medium difficulty route is accessible in all seasons. It is recommended for tourists with good physical condition.