A ”walk” on two wheels

You can go cycling on the trail called “Mineral Water Trail”, which was created to tie Harghita and Covasna counties and it was the first initiative of its kind in Romania launched by the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation and the The Association from Ciuc for Hiking and Environmental Protection. Along this road, on an existing path, a cycling trail was marked and developed. Thus traffic roads were bypassed and most of the places with historical, cultural and natural values, baths and mineral springs and protected areas of the destination were included. The route with a length of approx. 40 km starts from Sâncrăieni village (the northern limit of the destination), crosses portions of meadows and woods, passing the foothills the Falcon Stone nature reserve, reaches the shores of the Olt River in Tusnad Spa and thence by crossing the suspended footbridge over the Olt River, reaches Bixad village. The existence of several baths and mineral springs with curative effects was a perfect base for creating such a trail.

From all localities within the destination (from Tusnad Spa to Sâncrăieni).
Recommended bicycle: MTB
Road surface: asphalt, gravel, macadam, dirt
Level of difficulty: moderate
Marking: bicycle icon, signs and information boards
Duration: 8 h
Distance: approx. 40 km
Level difference: 80 m

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