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Downhill Rollers, like bicycles, are equipped with telescopes thus lowering becomes an enjoyable and rewarding adventure. Downhill is considered a sport for lovers of thrills, where the experience itself ensures extraordinary action.

Moutainskyver offers a unique experience namely the opportunity to go trekking, where each climb is followed by a descent on wheels. It is an adrenaline bomb on two wheels, which has no chain, gear lever, pedal or saddle, a happy combination of the benefits of a roller and downhill bicycle. The front wheel is of 20 and the back is of 16. Safety is ensured by two disc brakes – providing the basic equipment downhill riding. The remaining facilities are rather roller characteristics, because going down you can test your balance having your feet on the lateral supports. The equipment does not exceed 8.5 kg and the transport is ensured through a special backpack, in which besides the folded moutain skyver is room for other luggage.

Mountaincart site is newly developed equipment that can be used all year, regardless of terrain and weather conditions. Due the ergonomic chair the adventurer should focus only on the speed of the ride. The equipment is relatively new in Europe also, and is designed in a way to ensure safety and at the same time fun. The mountaincart is not equipped with pedals, so lowering does not involve effort. It has three wheels and a brake system which can be operated from both the left and right, guaranteeing performing tricks and even drifting during organized tours. The book can be used by adventurers aged at least of 12 years (min. 135 cm height), but surprises and adventure are guaranteed regardless of age. Children under 12 years may only be transported by parents. Maximum weight is 120 kg.

Stand up paddling (SUP)

This sport means the SUP airboard that can be used on water. This sport is increasingly popular among adventure enthusiasts because it is a safe activity, beneficial to health that can be easily learned and that way the fun is guaranteed in a relatively short time. This sport is practiced much easier than surfing. After half an hour anyone can “walk on water” and is the easiest possibility of experiencing the lifestyle of surfers: maintaining the balance during SUP. Due to the shape and the material of the airboard, a ride can provide unforgettable experiences. For lovers of adrenaline, the equipment can be used on the Olt River, but the standard program involves Lake Saint Anne, which is surrounded by mountains.

The equipment is provided by Adventure Expert and the rare beauty of the mountains and forests in the area adds to the experience. With the help of guides, enthusiasts will participate in adventurous tours organized in a secure environment. For any number of participants transport to the location is assured. Tours are organized on forest roads and trails available in the area, where participants will be impressed by the experience and beauty of nature. A tour is organized for a group of minimum 5 people. Tours are also organized and in the case of a smaller group but the price and terms are clarified in advance.

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